Easy email signatures for your team

Do you use Outlook for Windows or Apple Mail? Then Squiggle is the solution you've been waiting for...
Professional, consistent, branded email signatures for your whole team are just a few clicks away.

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Squiggle is launching to UK customers. More countries coming soon.

The only managed signature solution to work across all email providers:

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Sign Off In Style

Rise above the noise & make your emails memorable. Professionally designed signatures with plenty of design options.


Keep Your Team In Sync

Consistent signatures for all your team members. Change a business detail and it updates automatically, for everyone.


Easy setup, zero hassle

Squiggle is a cinch to use. Created for all users, no tech wizardry required.


Powerful Marketing Potential

Easily add marketing banners and messages to all your team's emails.

Social ready


Integrated social media channels meant it's easy to add links to your Facebook, linkedin, Twitter, or other social accounts.

Clear and crisp graphics


No more fuzzy looking logos and graphics in your emails signatures. Squiggle delivers crisp, high quality images every time.

Looks great on Mobile


50% of emails are read on phones & tablets. Our signatures adapt to mobile devices and look great at any screen size.