Squiggle Features

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Stylish, Professional Email Signatures

Crisp graphics and flexible designs keep your email professional and on-brand


Responsive Design

A unique feature of Squiggle: our signatures dynamically adapt when viewed on smartphones, tablets, and desktops

group deployment

Group Deployment

Manage your whole team and their individual details within one simple interface


Simple Installation

Clever plugins for Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail make installation easy

dynamic updates

Dynamic Updates

Changes to your signature are automatically applied to the entire team

retina graphics

Retina Graphics

Pin sharp, high resolution graphics on smartphones ensure your brand will shine

social links

Easy Social Links

Simple social configuration to automatically show social links across your team

marketing banners

Marketing Banners

Activate marketing banners with a button click

web hosted images

Web Hosted Images

Lots of images in a signature usually means lots of email attachments... not so with Squiggle. Images are linked to and download from the cloud